Gigapixel technology is a relatively new market due to the ever increasing technology combined with the decreesing costs of digital storage.   I try to find information and subjects that are of interest and thought provoking.

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Honorable mention

Although this site is dedicated to Gigapixels technology, there is always room for honorable mention. These panaramas and images show areas where Gigapixel technology can go in the future. In some cases Gigapixel technology is going in these directions now.

I believe the ocean is one of the areas where Gigapixel technology will thrive in the future. The world underwater is still relatively untapped and GigaPixel technology offers us a method to view underwater life like never before. It gives a whole new meaning to submersive images and video.   MORE >


A pill bug of the family Armadillidiidae is seen in a microscopic GigaPan. The 160 megapixel panorama was taken in July 2009, and is composed of 200 scanning electron microscope images stitched together . MORE>



Deep in the mountainside near the Ariege river in France, ghostly images of long ago still dance across the rock walls of tunnels, overhangs, and vast caverns. Explore this digital panorama, constructed from more than 100 individual photographs, and discover the images put there 13-14,000 years ago by the people now known as Magdalenian. MORE>