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Can You See Me Now?

Recently I was quoted by Larry Greenemeier of Scientific American Magazine in his March Article: Imagine snapping a panoramic picture from the top of the Empire State Building, then zooming in on a speck to reveal a quarter lying on the sidewalk. That's the promise of single-shot Gigapixel cameras-cameras that shoot images composed of at least one billion pixels, or picture elements. Apart from their obvious appeal to photographers, Gigapixel images also hold tremendous potential for law enforcement and the military.  MORE>


GigaPixel images help in disease diagnosis, grading and prognosis.

"The advent of digital whole-slide scanners in recent years has spurred a revolution in imaging technology for histopathology," according to Metin N. Gurcan, Ph.D., an associate professor of Biomedical Informatics at The Ohio State University Medical Center. "The large multi GigaPixel images produced by these scanners (Gigapixel Camera) contain a wealth of information potentially useful for computer-assisted disease diagnosis, grading and prognosis."   MORE >


Sony acquires IPIX's Gigapixel intellectual property for $3.6 million

Bankruptcy proceedings offer a ripe opportunity for Sony just as it launches its own digital video analytics suite; IPIX's gigapixel camera a tasty morsel; Steve Hunt provides an analysis of Sony's future success and IPIX's past failures MORE>