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GigaPixel panoramic and interactive photograph of Seville

Sevilla 111 Gigapixels is a huge panoramic and interactive photograph of Seville city, which consists of 111 thousand million pixels. A new worldwide record since December 2010.Browsing the biggest photograph in the world from home and observe inch by inch La Giralda's belfry, La Torre del Oro's merlons, the details of the Cathedral's walls, and more than one thousand little details and corners of Seville is now possible thanks to the cutting-edge capture technologies and Internet, which allow us to immerse ourselves in this huge panoramic image and explore virtually all the places in the city, by scrolling and zooming in/out throughout it. MORE>


Micro GigaPan Applications and Examples

The potential community of applications for using Micro GigaPan imaging is enormous... virtually every discipline from systematics to community ecology uses information from objects, such that advances in imaging technology for such objects becomes an immediate research asset. MORE>


Camera Delivers Speeds of 1.2 Gigapixels / Second

Providing 12k resolution with 5.2 µm pixel size, Piranha(TM) HS Camera delivers break through speeds of 90 kHz line rate and is supported by Xcelera-HS PX8 frame grabber. HSLink machine vision connectivity interface provides scalable bandwidth in 300 MBps steps, from 300-6,000 MBps. Featuring time delay and integration for low light imaging, programmable camera. MORE>


4 Gigapixel Camera – Voyeurs Beware.

Physicist Graham Flint is working on an ultra-high-resolution portrait of America, creating a series of truly enormous gigapixel images taken with a camera made up of decommissioned Cold War hardware and Wired has discovered him. Created from bits and bobs salvaged from parts of spy planes and nuclear reactors, the camera is capable of capturing an astonishing 4 gigapixels of detail. MORE>