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HR3D: High-Rank 3D Display and Gigapixel Computational Imaging

We have developed a 3D display called High-Rank 3D (HR3D). Unlike displays currently sold for home and theater use, the HR3D display does not require any special glasses or eyewear. In addition, the HR3D display generates multi-view imagery, meaning that viewers can truly look around the edges of 3D objects. MORE>


272 Gigapixel Image Made Using 12,000 Photos from a Canon 7D

Photographer Alfred Zhao captured this 272 gigapixel image of the Shanghai skyline using the GigaPan EPIC Pro and a Canon 7D with a 400mm f/5.6 lens and 2x teleconverter attached.  He was setup and started shooting at around 8:30am and after 12,000 images were in the bag, it was just before dusk.  It took months to complete image and get the final 1.09TB file uploaded.  MORE>


Gigapixel Imaging of Soil Profiles and Landscape Contexts

Ken Tamminga, Rick Stehouwer and Patrick Drohan of Penn State University talk at the first Fine International Conference on Gigapixel Imaging for Science, November 11-13 2010 at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. Soil profile pits are a primary in situ tool in understanding soil genesis and structure. MORE>


Gigapixel of the most famous landmark in France

The most famous landmark in France, the Eiffel Tower (Tour Eiffel) was built in the 19th century (completed 1889) by Gustave Eiffel. At the time, it was the tallest man-made structure in the world (until 1930). Once you arrive at the "Paris By Photo" page scroll to the bottom. Select fullscreen to really enjoy the Eiffel Tower Gigapixel image. You can zoom and pan to any part of the Eiffel Tower Gigapixel Image. MORE>


Gigapixel Fan Cam at Tri Nations Game

A great marketing use of Gigapixel technology. To get an idea of the quality of the high resolution image, this is a screenshot of some of the spectators right at the top of the stadium. Crystal clear viewing of fans in the stands. If you had been at this event you would be able to double click on yourself and enter your info and share it on FaceBook or Twitter. MORE>


Video Cameras Learn From Insect Eyes

University of Adelaide researcher can now produce digital videos in which you can see every detail. The technique solves a critical problem for surveillance cameras, where the clarity of images is everything. "When it comes to seeing," says Dr Russell Brinkworth, a postdoctoral research fellow in the Discipline of Physiology at the University of Adelaide, "even a tiny insect brain can outperform any current artificial system. MORE>


How to make a GigaPixel picture

The finished image is 2.5 billion pixels in size - making it about 500 times the resolution of images produced by good consumer digital cameras. The researchers have put the image on a website which lets viewers explore the wealth of detail that it captures. Tools on the page let viewers zoom in on the city and its surroundings in great detail. The website is already proving popular and currently has more than 200,000 visitors every day. MORE>


Microsofts HD View

HD View is the camera for the web. Its goal is to create the best picture given (a) a source with high resolution, arbitrary dynamic range, any field of view & color gamut; (b) the user’s interaction; and (c) the display being used. Microsoft Image Composite Editor (ICE) can now stitch your images and output directly to HD View or the new platform independent HD View SL. MORE>