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GigaPixel images help in disease diagnosis, grading and prognosis.

"The advent of digital whole-slide scanners in recent years has spurred a revolution in imaging technology for histopathology," according to Metin N. Gurcan, Ph.D., an associate professor of Biomedical Informatics at The Ohio State University Medical Center. "The large multi GigaPixel images produced by these scanners (Gigapixel Camera) contain a wealth of information potentially useful for computer-assisted disease diagnosis, grading and prognosis."   MORE >


Navigating a 13.3 gigapixel image on a 22 megapixel display wall!

Gigapixel images are great, but navigating them on a regular sized display through a slow web browser isn't always a great experience. This video shows how we navigate a 13.3 gigapixel image of Tromsø, Norway on a 22 megapixel display wall, using a custom, camera-based multi-touch interface and a custom system for high-performance navigation and visualization of high-resolution datasets. See The Video>


Some amazing things you can do!

Blaise Aguera y Arcas leads a dazzling demo of Photosynth, software that could transform the way we look at digital images and GigaPixel technology. Using photos, images and print culled from the Web, Photosynth builds breathtaking dreamscapes and lets us navigate them. MORE>


Browse giga-pixel images on iPhone

Seadragon from Microsoft Live Labs is designed to provide next-generation visual experiences, regardless of the size of the screen, size of the file (GigaPixel) or speed of your network. Create your own content with the Deep Zoom Composer or PhotoZoom and view it on your phone. (scroll down)  MORE>


2,045 Images Stitched Together to Create 13-Gigapixel Panorama

I have been constructing large photo images for the past 4-5 years. I was working on large 200+ images, when Doug Lyons made the first stitched gigapixel image,” Maynard said in an interview with “Everything is experimental in all the images, the photos may work or may not work. What is most important is that I am pushing myself and technology with each image. MORE>


Nasa, Google, Carnegie-Melon Develop NexGen Gigapixel Camera 

NASA and Carnegie Mellon University researchers have teamed to build a robotic device called GigaPans that lets any digital camera to produce gigapixel (billions of pixels) panoramas. The hardware behind GigaPan images is a robotic camera mount that makes it possible for a digital camera to take hundreds of overlapping images of landscapes, buildings or rooms.   MOVE>